Women In Wholesale

WiW is an educational networking programme designed to inspire, support and develop women of all levels working in UK grocery and foodservice wholesale.

Due to the ongoing COVID19 situation, we are inspiring and supporting via vlogs and webinars.

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Why are we organising Women in Wholesale?

1. A healthy mix of men and women is better for business

The Government has set a target of having 33% female representation on FTSE 350 boards by 2020. Women account for 47% of people working in wholesale but only an estimated 11% are senior level managers and directors presenting great opportunities for women currently working in the sector.

According to our independent research, 100% of women in wholesale believe that gender diversity leads to better business. 63% said businesses are not doing enough to achieve gender balance at the top

2. Wholesalers need support with personal career development

According to our independent research, 51% of women working in wholesale need support with personal career development. This event creates a focused, educational environment that supports, nurtures and develops our talent.

3. We need to make wholesale more attractive

There is a lot of work currently being done within our sector to make wholesale an attractive long-term career choice. Highlighting our best women is a constructive way to make the industry more appealing to a greater diversity of talent.

4. Inspire and educate newcomers

This event is not just for senior women in wholesale – it is a valuable chance for newcomers to the industry to build knowledge, meet key industry people and realise the great opportunities available in wholesale.

WiW Speed Mentoring 2019

Who should come?

Wholesalers, manufacturers and anyone else working within the channel that wants to network, build knowledge, be inspired and energise their career. A male proprietor or manager from each company can accompany female delegates.

Three reasons to attend

Develop your career: pick up key management, leadership, sales and marketing skills with our line-up of award-winning wholesalers and industry experts.

Inspire and educate newcomers: make this part of your induction programme for new recruits. It’s the perfect place to build knowledge and meet key people.

Be part of something brilliant: This is the only event of its kind in our sector – make sure your face and your business are seen!

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