Women in Wholesale report reveals how to attract females into wholesale jobs

Women in Wholesale report reveals how to attract females into wholesale jobs

88% of managing directors and HR personnel within the wholesale industry believe a gender-diverse workforce can have a positive impact on how a business performs, with 57% of managing directors wanting more female representation at board level. 

Yet, how the industry targets females through the recruitment process could be a reason wholesale is not attracting and retaining enough talent. 

These are just some of the findings of a new report by Women in Wholesale (WiW) that explores how to effectively market careers to women. 

“There is a will to increase gender diversity within wholesale, but other factors may be holding the industry back. For example, we may be looking in the wrong places for the best female candidates,” said WiW founder and organizer, Elit Rowland.

The report, powered by exclusive data from research consultants HIM, shows that 89% of HR personnel social media as a way of attracting fresh talent into wholesale, yet 62% of female applicants access jobs via a recruiter, with only 8% using social media. 

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“Employers must also proactively target networks where women operate, and these are often outside of traditional male circles,” Mrs Rowland added. 

The research also reveals a potential difference in how company leaders view methods to achieve gender parity compared to that of HR practitioners. 

The majority of HR departments (67%) in wholesale say they actively employ females for male-dominated roles while 89% of managing directors say their company does not. 

“There are some really positive signs for wholesale and this demonstrates that we’re moving in the right direction. However, it’s critical that a recruitment strategy does not work in silo; from the top down, all departments must be on board so a commitment to gender parity sits at the heart of a business,” said HIM’s senior research manager Marie Hense.

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 The new report, entitled ‘Six Steps to Effectively Market Wholesale Careers to Women’ was launched at the WiW Speed Networking event on April 26th and is designed to support wholesalers and brands with an effective recruitment strategy.

Topics include the effective use of language, which job platforms to use, how to showcase attractive careers, understanding unconscious bias and more. The free WiW Report is powered by exclusive HIM research.

Download the new report here.

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About Women in Wholesale

WiW is an educational networking event set up in 2016 to inspire, support and progress women working in wholesale on both the wholesale and FMCG side. Following a successful conference, a mid-conference event was launched to support peer networking and launch useful resources. A WiW Steering Committee was set up in 2017 to support the growth and development of the initiative. WiW delegates are 80% female and 20% male. The majority of attendees are UK grocery and foodservice wholesalers, followed by FMCG brands. For more information visit: http://www.newerapr.co.uk/women-in-wholesale/

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