JJ Food Service launches ‘How to Cut Fish’ videos

JJ Food Service launches ‘How to Cut Fish’ videos

National wholesaler JJ Food Service has launched a series of videos via its You Tube channel to demonstrate how to cut cod and haddock fillets.

The Enfield-based wholesaler supplies a wide range of Frozen at Sea products including fillets that range from 4-32oz plus in size. With these videos our customers can learn to cut large fillets down into smaller portions in just seconds.

Over the past year, JJ’s Frozen at Sea fish sales have increased dramatically by 181% following its partnership with Unique Seafood which vastly expanded the range.

The videos are free to view on JJ’s YouTube page and via its Twitter and Facebook platforms.

View the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxxpTLLoXDJuIg1FN8lBn90EeHf2jZawE


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