Free food when you order via CentralDish

Free food when you order via CentralDish

Restaurant review site CentralDish, backed exclusively by JJ Food Service, is giving away free dishes via it’s new Free Food tab to support restaurants who sign up to grow footfall and reviews.

CentralDish Managing Director Rif Kiamil said, “The Free Food tab gives diners a choice of more than 800 dishes every time they spend more than £15. We cover the cost of the free dish so that restaurants can attract new diners without sacrificing any margin. It’s a great way to get them off the ground!”

Currently there are 896 dishes under the Free Food tab from more than 300 restaurants and more are being added weekly.

Krystian Data - Chicken Tikka_SMALL

CentralDish already has 11,000 rated dishes, 45,000 reviews and 800 restaurants signed up. A monthly photo competition is still running, offering diners £30 for the best photos.

For more information, contact:; 0800 464 0100;


Image caption: Tiki wings, a sample of the free food available via CentralDish

About Central Dish

CentralDish is a customer-facing website designed to attract more consumers to restaurants using a rating system based on real customer images and reviews. The website allows diners to search for the best meals in their local area based on specific dish ratings and images taken by other diners. The website is designed to help restaurants and takeaways increase their visibility online while driving traffic to their virtual doorstep. CentralDish is available free-of-charge to all takeaways and restaurants. Every customer benefits from marketing support via Google, Facebook and Twitter. For more info, visit:

For more information, images or interviews with the CentralDish team please contact: Elit Rowland,; 07956 030 804

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