Flexible working a challenge for 52% of women in wholesale

Flexible working a challenge for 52% of women in wholesale

A lack of flexible working options was voted the biggest challenge for 52% of women, according to exclusive HIM research published in the Women in Wholesale (WiW) Report.

The report entitled ‘Six Steps To Nurture, Grow and Advance Talent in Wholesale’ has been launched this week to provide businesses with a resource to support gender diversity.


Founder and organiser of WiW, Elit Rowland, said: “At our inaugural conference last year, 100% of delegates said that they’d like something actionable to take away. Today we are making that available, free of charge, together with some ground-breaking research.”

Managing Director of research consultancy HIM, Jill Livesey, highlighted the top line figures, “95% of the people we interviewed said that gender diversity leads to better business but almost a quarter (24%) said that more could be done to create a gender inclusive culture.

A lack of: flexible working (52%), career path (43%) and respect (38%) were voted the main challenge for women working in the sector. “81% of interviewees said that gender diversity is a larger issue in wholesale than in other grocery and retail industries,” added Livesey.


Rowland said, “We know what the challenges are and now with this report we have the tools to tackle them. We’d like to invite businesses to take on at least one of the Six Steps and to let us know how they get on.”

Wholesalers and manufacturers are being invited to share progress at the WiW conference on October 19, which is being held at the British Library. The report is available digitally for all UK wholesalers and manufacturers. It can be downloaded on the FWD and WiW websites.

For more info please contact: elitrowland@newerapr.co.uk; 07956 030 804.

Download the Women in Wholesale Reporthere. Register for the WiW Conference 2017 on October 19 at the British Library here. If you are interested in our WiW Mentoring Programme, please register here.

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