WiW STAR Awards 2019


Oct 10 2019

WiW STAR Awards 2019

WiW is delighted to be launching the WiW STAR Awards. One of the best paths to progression is through peer recognition and this is a great way to showcase outstanding talent throughout the industry.

The deadline for submissions is August 30th 2019.

And the categories are…

Best Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy

Attracting, retaining and progressing talent is one of the biggest challenges our industry faces. This category is open to businesses that have put a specific initiative in place to retain and develop staff, while demonstrating the diversity of talent it has benefitted. The nomination should focus on one or a few key initiatives, with measurable results shown.

Best Inclusive Manager

It is vital for leaders to have an inclusive approach to help support and progress talent. This category is open to an individual (male or female) who has put specific methods or initiatives in place to attract, support and develop staff and champion diversity within their business. Specific examples of people supported are welcome.

Woman of the Year

This category is open to an individual who has been a positive role model to other females in the industry and in their business through championing diversity at all levels, sponsoring or mentoring men or women, and making diversity a priority at senior level with a measurable results. People can be self-nominated or put forward by others.

Best Newcomer

Encouraging and supporting newcomers to the channel is key to inspiring loyalty and a long-term career in wholesale. This Award will recognise an individual (male or female, regardless of age) who has worked in wholesale for less than 18 months and is making a measurable impact on sales, customer service or customer / employee engagement.

Best Marketing Campaign

Attracting a greater diversity of people into our channel is one way of making UK foodservice and grocery wholesale a more diverse and attractive career destination. This category will reward people campaigns and other initiatives that portray wholesale to be an exciting, attractive long-term career choice using a multitude of platforms and channels including digital and social media. Results must include engagement figures.

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